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Friday, April 08, 2011

Edible Images

Rice paper maple leaves.
A couple of years ago, I bought myself an edible image printer, which has proven to be a worthwhile investment. 

It’s a regular printer that uses special cartridges filled with food colouring. Otherwise, it works just like a normal printer. With an edible image printer, one can use their own photographs, pictures found on line, company logos or custom designed graphics. I have even used real maple leaves which were then scanned into a jpeg file. The image is printed on special icing sheets or on rice paper sheets, depending on the application.

Spines and cover are edible images.

Vintage travel decals are edible images.

I don’t like writing on cakes. Nothing would tick me off more than to have spent several hours on a cake only to ruin it by writing “Happy Birtday” by mistake. Trust me, it’s done more often than you’d think. So, I’ve been using my edible image printer in place of having to use my somewhat messy handwriting on a nicely decorated cake.

Happy Birthday banner is an edible image

Check out Cakewrecks for some hilarious examples of spelling gone wrong!

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