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Friday, July 15, 2011

Lavender Sugar

Maybe it was the cooler spring or perhaps it was the seemingly excessive rain we had a few months back, but for some reason, I had a beautiful crop of lavender this year. I had plenty for fresh arrangements, to dry for sachets, and to make some Lavender Sugar for baking.

Making Lavender Sugar

I picked the lavender mid-morning - after the dew had evaporated, but before the peak heat of the day - to ensure that the buds would be as dry as possible and would retain more of the fragrant oils.

I mixed about 3 Tablespoons of fresh lavender buds with 2 cups of sugar and stored the mixture in a mason jar. I gave the jar a good shake every couple of days to keep the sugar from clumping and to help work the scent of the lavender into the sugar. It's been about two weeks and the sugar has a beautiful aroma and a very delicate lavender flavour.

I'm thinking Vanilla Lavender Cupcakes!

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