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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Chocolate Covered Oreos using Spinning Leaf Cookie Molds

If you love chocolate covered Oreos (who doesn't), and you have not yet discovered Spinning Leaf, you are really missing out. They offer a variety of cookie molds (seasonal, sports, baby ... you name it) that are designed to accommodate Double Stuff Oreos .

I have used other molds that barely allow for coverage of a regular Oreo. But the molds from Spinning Leaf are strong, sturdy, and deep enough that the cookie can be completely covered with chocolate or with candy melts.

I find the candy melts work best as the real chocolate has to be tempered. If it isn't tempered, it will only look good when it first comes out of the mold, but will soon look dull and pitted. The candy melts come in a great variety of colours and can be bought at either a bulk food store or at a craft store like Michael's or Hobby Lobby. I often mix two different colours to get the exact shade I want. They pop out of the mold with a nice shiny finish. 

Easter Egg Cookies with a little Pearl Lustre Spray for a little extra sparkle.

Most of the molds come with 6 cavities. Since people often wonder how much chocolate/candy melt they need, I did calculate it for the Easter Egg mold cookies (as shown). I used 6 double stuffed Oreos that weighed 92 grams. The 6 cookies, when finished, weighed 264 grams, so that means I used 172 grams, or a little over 1/3 of a pound of candy melts and chocolate for each half-dozen. (I knew that arithmetic would come in handy one day!)

There is a great tutorial on the Spinning Leaf website. I urge you to check it out.


Sharon said...

What pretty Easter eggs. I just recently purchased some of the Spinning Leaf molds. I love them, and so does my family. I just need to find a good source for the candy melts, as I live in a rural area.

Thanks for sharing your creations.


Butterface Cakes said...

Thanks Sharon. I love their moulds too - something for every occasion!

Maria said...

Hi! I really like my Spinning Leaf molds, too! I just have a hard time with the colored decorative accents (flowers, lines, etc.) They never look right. Any tips on filling those little areas? Thanks!

Butterface Cakes said...

Maria - I'm sorry, I didn't receive notification of your question until now. What I do is take a very fine paintbrush and "paint" the colours (then let set a bit) before pouring in the base colour. Hope that helps for next time!